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ODJ: living wisely

Your Work Is Not Your Life.” “Burnout to Flourishing.” These recent magazine article titles reflect our need to find wisdom that can help us live well.Whether it’s making decisions at work or dealing with personal trials, time and time again we experience the pressing need to be wise. The pursuit of wisdom, however, is often confused with the pursuit of gaining more knowled

ODJ: a bigger picture

My daughter posed an excellent question to me: What’s the connection between Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job? The first two seem so . . . contradictory. And the book of Job is a saga all on its own!

Why read a Christian book?

They help you study the Bible. Some books are written to help you get the most out of your Bible study time. They could be books such as Dig Deeper by Nigel Beynon and Andrew Sach

ODB: Wisdom From Above

If Kiera Wilmot had performed her experiment during her high school science class, it might have earned her an A. But instead she was charged with causing an explosion. Although she had planned to have her teacher approve the experiment, her classmates persuaded her to perform it outside the classroom. When she mixed chemicals inside a plastic bottle, it exploded and she unintentionally unsettled

ODJ: not outsmarted

The French philosopher Voltaire suspected that he would win the lottery in 1729. With a statistician friend he calculated that the jackpot would be much greater than the cost of all the tickets. They pooled their money with other friends, bought as many tickets as possible, won and split the prize money. Outwitting the Parisian government paid big—Voltaire received over a million francs. But som

ODJ: need wisdom? ask!

Following college, I spent several years in sports ministry and developed close friendships with a handful of professional and Olympic athletes. In talking with these friends over the past year, each of them commented that after they retired from athletic competition they struggled to know what to do next with their lives.

Though I’ve never been an elite athlete, I can relate to

ODJ: asking for wisdom

The value of gold and silver has soared over the past few years. These precious metals have historically been celebrated as extremely valuable. But long ago, young King Solomon wrote, “Joyful is the person who finds wisdom . . . For wisdom is more profitable than silver and her wages are better than gold” (Proverbs 3:13-14).

In the early days of his reign, Solomon

ODJ: cover up

The ambiguity lasted until the 19th century, when Johannes Schulthess discovered a letter written by Zwingli in the archives in Zurich. The reformer’s words revealed that he had been guilty, but also that he had recommitted to living a chaste life.
Schulthess didn’t want to tarnish his hero’s legacy, so he showed the letter to his student and then held it in the flame of his candle. A

ODJ: how we know

My sons are picking up on the way TV advertisers play games with viewers, twisting statistics and making outrageous claims. I fear it won’t be long before my boys become jaded and are slow to trust. Many of us struggle with this in our faith:How can I believe anything at all? How can I trust what God says?
The apostle Paul spoke directly to this concern, telling the Colossians th