Life Struggles

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Lifelines When It Feels Like God’s Against You

I army-crawled through my own questions not long ago, amidst a cancer scare for my son. And I’d say that truthfully, more than events that alienate me from God, my thoughts are what often enslave me, threatening to tear me from the rigorous discipline of trusting what is true.

Help, My Body's Out of Control!

I’m not sure how I got down this particular rabbit hole, but I ended up reading an article about body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs). And what I read crushed me.

Pure Joy

Title: Pure Joy Artwork by: Ross Boone (@rossboone) Description: James…

Letters to the Broken

Title: Letters to the Broken Materials: Hand-lettering and…

Flavors of Life

Life can be sweet, sour, bitter or intense (or a mixture of each). Which season are you currently in? As the saying goes, a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. Here's some life hacks we hope can help you get through each season.

ODB: Beyond Disappointment

Perhaps you’ve seen the video of the little boy who learns he’s getting another sister. In the middle of his meltdown he laments, “It’s always girls, girls, girls, girls!”The story gives an amusing glimpse into human expectations, but there’s nothing funny about disappointment. It saturates our world. One story from the Bible seems especially steeped in disappoi