James Bunyan

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Don't Mess with The Tongue

We usually think that teaching the Bible is a noble profession. We know there is a pressing need worldwide for missionaries, pastors, teachers, and evangelists, and there was even more so in the early church.

Joy In Trials

Imagine you’ve just had another bad one in a long series of terrible days. You wonder how things could get any worse. And then, as you sit down with a good friend—who should know better—he says, “Great! Good for you! I hope you’re considering yourself blessed!” Wouldn’t that be so inappropriate? Wouldn’t you want to slap him?

Is There Room for Doubt in Christianity?

Doubting is normal. Uncomfortable as it can be, wondering whether we really have “got it right” is as human as it is inevitable, especially when we’re swimming each day in a sea of different beliefs.

Tired of Going Through the Motions?

Christianity is meant to be brilliantly exciting. Jesus is meant to be the most dynamic person of all history, the powerful resurrected king, the most scintillating teacher. So why does your Christian life feel so ordinary?

Can A Christian Be Racist?

There’s a short answer to this question and it is very short. No. A Christian cannot be racist.

Is Christian Work Better than Secular Work?

It’s unusual that you’d find someone who would come right out and articulate the view that Christian work is better than “secular” or “non-Christian” work, or that the only activity under the sun that matters is evangelism.

4 Ways to Flee Sexual Temptation

I read about a recent pastors’ conference in the United States where, during the Q&A session, the inevitable question came to the old preacher sitting on a stool in the middle of the stage: “What is the one thing you want younger pastors to know?”

Here’s why Christians will Suffer

Having decided to follow Jesus while away from home studying at Edinburgh University, Matt was looking forward to sharing his new faith with his family.

Is Christianity just a “Get Out Of Hell Free” Card?

Christianity is simple, isn’t it? After all, don’t Bible bits like John 3:16 show that all you need to do to be a Christian is to believe in God now and then you’ll go to heaven (good place) rather than hell (bad place) when you die?