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Confessions of a Christian Life Hacker

I watch, impressed, as a friend tears open a bag of crisps, tucks in the bottom corners of the packet and keeps rolling the sides under until he’s created an instant snack bowl from nothing but the original packaging—ingenious!

Are You Satisfied With Your Life?

My growing up years were tough. When my parents got divorced, my brothers and I stayed with my dad, and we had to share a bedroom in a friend’s house for some time.

"Everyone has the right to love and be loved." [Part 2]

What is the biblical way to look at human relationships? Listen…

"Everyone has the right to love and be loved." [Part 1]

Is there a biblical way to look at rights? Listen to what…

Why Should I Pray When it Doesn't Seem that God Hears My Prayers?

It is part of the human condition to struggle with a sense of God’s silence—or absence. The disciples and the prophets had moments of weakness and distrust that are recorded in Scripture for all of us to read.