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illustration of girl running away from guilt

Signs You've Been Living Under False Guilt

Do you often feel like you’re drowning in guilt? Like whatever you do isn’t enough, and that you can always “be better”?
Illustration of christmas present

Open the Gift

Ready to unwrap the best gift this Christmas?
Image of mary and martha

It’s not about having a Mary Martha Christmas

Christmas has crept up on us. And there’s just so jolly much to do. Here we are rushing from one task to another, and before we know it, we’re tired and flustered from it all. 
Illustration of man thinking

What We Say to Ourselves vs What God Has to Say

Every day we engage in some form of self-talk. We tell ourselves things, whether deliberately or subconsciously, and they affect the way we think and live.

Singles’ Day Savings: More Than Satisfying Deals Here

Looking to treat yourself to something new and exciting this Singles’ Day? We’ve got deals that you’ll love, from pocket-friendly savings to luxurious getaways.
Illustration of boy chasing a butterfly

Remembering Our Loved Ones (All Saints’ Day the Filipino Way)

As the saying goes, funerals are for the living, and so it is for All Saints’ Day. At least in the Philippines, this is what it means: the once-a-year, quintessential family reunion, to reconnect, and to remember our deceased loved ones—parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles—the people who made us family.

The Kind Of Friends We Want—And Can Be (with tips from the Bible)

Friendship is not a second-tier relationship in the Bible. Many times, the word “friend” is used alongside “brother” to express that level of closeness.

Reminders When You're Stuck In A Grind

How can we turn our daily rhythms from a weary grind into a steady groove? Can we bring God into the ordinary and mundane moments of our lives?
Misconceptions of mental health

4 Misconceptions about Mental Health

Unfortunately, not everyone gets it right when it comes to understanding mental ill-health (And we’re still trying to figure it out ourselves!)