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Ease into Ecclesiastes 1-2

Need an easy way to ecc-ess the key lessons so far? Check out this ecc-xtra image to help you ease into the first two chapters of Ecclesiastes!
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 5

Take Hold of the Simple Joys

In many ways, Scott was the quintessential outdoorsman—strong, bearded, and with a big smile. He loved nature, his family, and God, and he pursued those things passionately.
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 4

When Death Hits Unexpectedly

I rarely cry over a complete stranger, but one of the times it happened was two years ago.
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 3

When Life Doesn’t Live Up to Its Hype

I absolutely love live music—there’s something incredible about being mere meters away from your favorite band, singing your favorite tunes word for word at the top of your lungs.
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 2

What’s Got You Down?

Recently, I watched the documentary Our Planet on Netflix. It’s a beautiful documentary. There is one scene, though, about walruses dying due in large part to climate change.
YMI Reading Ecclesiastes Day 1

Why Even Bother?

A few years ago, I was driving with a colleague on the M1 Motorway after a day’s theological training. All of a sudden, the lorry in front of us drifted into a car, crushing it into the crash barrier.