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Man with his arms wide open on top of a mountain

What Does It Mean To Be An Ordinary Radical Christian?

I heard the gospel at 16. Before that, I was an angry, depressed youth filled with hatred. I hated myself, hated my parents, hated my life, hated school, hated authorities, hated adults, and hated Christians. Above all I hated God with all my heart, since I thought He had abandoned me my whole life.
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Why Is It So Hard to Evangelize to My Friends?

After a few years of attending campus ministry at my university, I became increasingly gripped by the gospel, and evangelizing to my friends quickly took a front seat in life. I started spending time planning and meeting my non-Christian friends and thinking hard about who in my life could benefit from hearing the gospel.
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Introverts Can Evangelize Too

For a long time, I could not imagine myself sharing the gospel. When I was a new Christian, I did not like telling people that I was a Christian because I was afraid that they would ask me about my faith.
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Confessions of an Unexpected Pageant King

I’m a natural introvert. I shy away from large groups, avoid opportunities to stand out, and feel my energy drain very quickly whenever attention is lavished on me.
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Why Am I Afraid of Sharing My Faith?

Have you ever been afraid of sharing your faith with others? I have. When I was in fourth grade, my family and I were the only Christians in our neighborhood.
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If We Knew The Plane Was Going Down

I was on a plane a few months ago flying to see my sister in Florida, US. I was gazing out the window, probably fidgeting and daydreaming about snack food, when the flight attendant began her safety presentation.
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What if a Loved One is Not Saved?

In May 2006, my family experienced our first death. My mother’s younger brother died in a hit-and-run accident, leaving my auntie behind to raise five young children on her own.
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My Brief Encounter with Adoniram Judson

I had not heard of Adoniram Judson until I came across the biography about him, “Adoniram Judson: How Few There Are Who Die So Hard!” by Bible teacher and theologian John Piper. Intrigued, I decided to read about this “obscure” missionary that Piper had taken time to write about.
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Why Doesn’t My Friend Believe in God?

For the longest time, a good friend of mine has been seeking the truth and trying to make sense of life. And for many years, I have been trying to introduce Christ to him. I believe that all his questions about life can be answered.