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Featured Devotionals ACTS 02

Trust God For Protection

Paul has a conviction that he must go to Jerusalem and after that, to Rome (Acts 19:21). He has shared with the Ephesian elders that he is compelled to go to Jerusalem by the Spirit, who also forewarns him of impending persecution and suffering (Acts 20:22–23). Both danger and God’s protection are going to be Paul’s experience.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 01

Not A Trivial Matter

Of all the ministries in Acts, only one is reviewed—that at Ephesus. What Paul did at Ephesus is recorded in Acts 19:8–12. His review of what he did is given in today’s reading.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 05

A Superior Power

Paul goes on a third missionary journey (Acts 18:23–20:38). The brief report on the ministry at Ephesus, a city well known for practicing sorcery, follows Paul’s initial contact there in Acts 18:19. It is sandwiched between two accounts of deficiency—those deficient because of ignorance, the disciples of John (Acts 19:1–7) and those who were deficient because of fraudulent imitation, the seven sons of Sceva (Acts 19:13–20). Some interesting contrasts are found here.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 04

Punching Above Its Weight

The gospel is “punching above its weight”. So far, it has won converts in four European cities, but now it comes to Corinth, the toughest of them all.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 03

Living In Harmony With God

The gospel now comes to Athens, the centre of intellectual and philosophical speculation in the ancient world.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 02

Unsurprised By Opposition

The gospel now comes to the seaport of Thessalonica. Ancient seaports were infamous for their prosperity and licentiousness.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 04

Persevere In Adversity

Until now, the gospel has advanced in Gentile territory through the cosmopolitan trading hubs of Asia Minor, the region we know as modern-day Turkey. Now the missionaries come to Europe (Macedonia) and the great intellectual centres of Greek philosophy.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 05

Knowing the Priorities

The important letter from the church council at Jerusalem is circulated, via Judas and Silas.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 04

Salvation By Grace

This section has been called the centrepiece, the watershed, the turning point of the Book of Acts.