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Simply Love

The hope of change is in the air as we enter the New Year. It’s the anticipation of a new outlook or a new direction or the chance to do things differently.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 05

God's Word Continues

One of the features of Luke’s writing is the significance he attaches to last words. For example, in the introduction to his gospel (Luke 1:1–4) where he addresses Theophilus, the last word in the Greek text, where Luke wants the emphasis to fall, is “certainty”. He wants Theophilus to have certainty.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 04

Jesus Our Deliverer

Paul arrives on Malta, where Luke records that he and his companions are shown unusual kindness (vv. 2, 10).
Featured Devotionals ACTS 03

Can't Thwart God's Plan

Through many dangers, toils, and snares, having faced arrest, opposition, and riots, Paul now faces a natural catastrophe.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 02

A Spirit-Powered Testimony

Governor Festus sees, in the visit of King Agrippa and his wife Bernice, an opportunity for advice on Paul’s case. He candidly admits that he “was at a loss how to investigate such matters” (Acts 25:20).
Featured Devotionals ACTS 01

Mirroring Jesus' Ministry

The Jewish antagonism towards Paul is persistent. They urgently request (v. 3) the new Roman governor Festus to have Paul transferred to Jerusalem for trial, intending to ambush and kill him along the way. Festus, however, comes to Caesarea where Paul is being held and Paul defends himself before authority again (v. 8), denying the charges of illegality, desecration, and treason.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 05

A Lifestyle Change Required

Having stood before the crowd in Jerusalem (Acts 22) and before the Sanhedrin (Acts 23), Paul now comes before a Roman tribunal at Caesarea, led by the Roman governor, Felix.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 04

God's Kind Assurance

Like Jesus before him (John 18:22), Paul is struck on the face by his opponents. Also like Jesus, his words should not have warranted such a response.
Featured Devotionals ACTS 03

Using Our Spiritual Gifts

Having been rescued from the mob, Paul gives his testimony in Aramaic, the heart language of the people (vv. 1–21). He addresses and identifies with them respectfully, “Brothers and fathers,” and tells them of his own Jewish heritage and training. They listen respectfully until he says that God has appointed him to minister to the Gentiles (v. 21).