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A sad and poor man is being neglected by others


What is it like to live as a refugee—someone who is forced to be an outsider?
Illustration of Philippines national flower and bird

The Philippines - Our Place, Our People, Our Home

The past year has been filled with a lot of tension and uncertainty for the Filipino people. But as we commemorate our nation’s 124th Independence Day, it is yet another opportunity to be reminded of what makes our country worth loving.
Illustration of a dad holding a family photo

A Dad’s POV: The Unseen Pressures They Silently Shoulder

Our earthly fathers are not perfect, and in their humanness, they may have failed us—but one thing’s for sure: fatherhood is tough!
A girl is looking up the room in human brain

Make Room to Savour God’s Goodness

Our minds are made up of wonderful and intricate spaces–each housing an entire world of its own.
Illustration of a man with headphones

How I Learned To Hear God’s Voice

How often do you hear God’s voice? What does it sound like, how does it come to you? Or is it something you can’t really say you’ve experienced? 

What Makes Family

Family, family, family.  Some of us may feel a surge of warmth thinking about family. Others may heave a heavy sigh.
image with flowers and text on it

For the Love of Mums

Whichever point of view you identify with, may these stories cause you to marvel at God's goodness in His provision and encourage you to appreciate your mothers every day—because Mother's Day is everyday.
Illustration of a book with a woman on it

A Mum’s POV: The Things She Says & Does

But maybe if we could view things from our mum’s perspectives, we’ll start to see that there’s more to…. 

Joseph John Booth: A Light of Christ in the Trenches

Australian Joseph John Booth was that person when he set sail for France more than 100 years ago to serve as an army chaplain in World War 1. Thousands of young able-bodied Australian and New Zealand men also answered the call to serve their country. Unfortunately, thousands of the soldiers never returned home.