Why are there giants in our lives?

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  1. c
    c says:

    throughout the bible, there had been many giants. the most literal one being Goliath. giants, as i see it are the things that intimidate us. it shows us how weak we are, yet as from the old days, with the lord Almighty at our side ( or we at His side ), we have the victory and are more than conquerers.

  2. AC from vancouver BC
    AC from vancouver BC says:

    Giants serves as a challenge.For me,it is a test of faith.are we faithful enough to trust the One who is above all when we are face to face with our own giants?God will provide the strenght we need and rest assured that we are always on the winning side if we trust Him.the fight has already been won for He wears the victors crown.

  3. jOist
    jOist says:

    Just as the Ten Commandments make us aware of our sinful nature, so do giants in our lives remind us how God is above and greater than our own problems and insecurities. I agree with AC, that they are a measurement of our faith on how we relate ourselves to the holy Father. May we always look to Him instead of focusing on the giant of ourselves.


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